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   [10/25/17 00:52]  bicfraze:   Hey, guys.  How long does it normally take for a new user to be validated?  I'm not in any hurry, but I did sign up almost 5 days ago.  Was I supposed to recieve an email, or is it a manual sort of deal?  Any input is appreciated.
   [10/24/17 18:02]  misujry:   Well, I am seeding the 3-14-82 show and there is no one snatching it! Oh well. I am going to bail.
   [10/24/17 12:23]  Ltapilot:   Well now he’s back but I don’t have that shnid and the leacher is so NATed that he can not complex a download
   [10/24/17 07:06]  sanday:   ...and poof, now he's gone completely, so that's a big "nevermind"
   [10/24/17 06:45]  sanday:   http://www.gdvault.com/tracker/details.php?id=d76a8b65e052c1f5d40f614030c5fd868f4bbc3f
   [10/24/17 06:45]  sanday:   If anyone can help seed this one, gd1982-03-14.139382, member seeking it too NAT for me to seed alone, link to follow:
   [10/24/17 05:28]  contact420:   cherry pie
   [10/23/17 18:05]  synche:   Who else is having pie for breakfast?
   [10/23/17 18:04]  synche:   oops meant Jerry
   [10/23/17 18:02]  synche:   Gerry and wally are the men.
   [10/23/17 16:54]  synche:   I'll be starting up the Garcia project again.  
   [10/23/17 16:51]  synche:   I've been away cutting down trees.  Hope everyone is getting along.  Indicas rule this year.
   [10/23/17 08:55]  contact420:   I couldn't answer that question...severely tech challenged here, total "special needs" case fellas'
   [10/23/17 07:53]  sanday:   if xAct is anything like TLH, you would use it to create the .torrent file you will need to upload a show
   [10/23/17 06:28]  contact420:   that's what I use to covert files
   [10/23/17 05:12]  dazed64:   
   [10/22/17 18:31]  misujry:   xAct for mac
   [10/22/17 10:48]  contact420:   @chris   no TLH here. is that a PC only program? mac user
   [10/22/17 10:18]  laci9:   good night
   [10/22/17 10:01]  contact420:   i'm still there according to my uTorrent
   [10/22/17 10:00]  contact420:   thnx fellas' I'm a bit busy doing house chores now, but yes, would need step by step help in both depts
   [10/22/17 09:22]  clarson:   Have a great drive sanday. It's pooring down rain here in Oregon. We're supposed to get about 2-3" so after I do some running around with the kids I'm settling down cooking edibles. Gummy bears, cookies and maybe some rice crispies. Pretty chill today
   [10/22/17 09:18]  sanday:   Off shortly for a fall colors drive here in the dairy state, best to all
   [10/22/17 09:12]  sanday:   at least early on, I'm only receiving data from clarson
   [10/22/17 09:08]  sanday:   and thanks to both of you
   [10/22/17 09:07]  sanday:   I'll d/l that 76 show, and contact420 should be able to tell if he's helping.
   [10/22/17 09:06]  sanday:   http://www.gdvault.com/tracker/forum.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=2560
   [10/22/17 09:06]  sanday:   Here's the thread to sign up for to get help with any NAT problem, fixed me right up.  link to follow:
   [10/22/17 09:01]  clarson:   I'm not sure what the issue with with nat and this site. may not be you
   [10/22/17 09:01]  clarson:   It's actually pretty easy and would just take a few simple instructions. do you have trader's little helper?
   [10/22/17 09:00]  contact420:   seeding too, not sure i'm helping tho'
   [10/22/17 08:57]  contact420:   thnx Chris... I need someone to sit next to me on my laptop and teach me this upload thing once and for all. Oh, and I'm NAT'ed too
   [10/22/17 07:53]  clarson:   Workin' on the 72, will get the 76 is somebody doesn't do it before me
   [10/22/17 06:15]  contact420:   I'd do it, but i'm an idiot
   [10/22/17 06:13]  contact420:   5/03/72 6/11/76 Clugston/Miller needs to be upped here pretty please
   [10/21/17 12:01]  we420247:   hi hello how are ya nice to see ya ~ George Carlin
   [10/21/17 09:26]  Ltapilot:   Nicly done, sanday. Thanks for removing NATS from your life
   [10/21/17 08:54]  sanday:   To that end, this week's Miller sbd > PCM of Red Rocks 1984-06-14, still got that fresh shnid smell
   [10/21/17 08:52]  sanday:   well, I'm un Nat ed at last, see if I have a little better luck trying to share here.
   [10/21/17 05:53]  contact420:   Promise of the Real... I am now a fan
   [10/21/17 02:09]  scenedl:   validate pls
   [10/19/17 20:25]  SIRMick:   Why don't you gracefully upload something
   [10/19/17 15:04]  placebro:   ah...this one   http://gdvault.com/tracker/uploaded_images/5509_billy_mickey_ramrod.jpg
   [10/19/17 14:39]  placebro:   The last image....with Billy, Mickey, and Ramrod
   [10/19/17 14:38]  placebro:   Does anyone have a date on this video?   http://gdvault.com/tracker/uploadeazaimagini.php?show_all=1
   [10/19/17 13:57]  placebro:    12-31-87 set III DVD
   [10/19/17 13:49]  placebro:   and please folks...NO MORE JOKES ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA FIRES!  Truly awful and not to be made fun of.
   [10/19/17 13:45]  placebro:   Please keep uploading your fine audios.  The best ever recordings!
   [10/19/17 13:44]  placebro:   Anyway.  I hope you will change your mind arfarf.
   [10/19/17 13:43]  placebro:   Staff told me not to take your bait, and I will stayed focused.  I am not confused.  I know what is allowed to upload, and I have a ton of stuff.  If I am welcome to share it with the kind folks here, great.  If not, I will continue to support this site financially without condition.  My videos speak for themselves.
   [10/19/17 13:42]  mydland_years:           
   [10/19/17 12:34]  sanday:   same old Graceful Duck, some people never change
   [10/19/17 12:30]  sanday:   what a freaking drama queen
   [10/19/17 12:27]  sanday:   550 plus torrents have been uploaded here so far this year, that's an average of two a day, but they come in spurts, have some patience
   [10/19/17 12:17]  placebro:   I'm filling a 3TB HD with juicy Grateful Dead videos for our fearless leader.  US mail is better than torrenting.
   [10/19/17 12:14]  placebro:   Good point.   I should just pay up and shut up.   Will do.  
   [10/19/17 12:12]  sanday:   well, they ain't whining about it like you are
   [10/19/17 12:10]  placebro:   Great.  I'm cool with only donating and looking at a screen void of torrents every day.  Not sure how the rest of membership feels about no torrents though.  Only time will tell.
   [10/19/17 12:07]  sanday:   Nope, that is not what I'm saying at all
   [10/19/17 12:01]  placebro:   Is this allowed?   12-31-87 set III DVD   Now I am confused.
   [10/19/17 12:00]  placebro:   Should I feel swindled?
   [10/19/17 11:59]  placebro:   So just take my money, and not my torrents?  Is that what you are saying?   I hope you are wrong.  
   [10/19/17 11:53]  sanday:   I can see where they'd want to give it a good, long think in your case, you seem confused about what can and can't be shared here, imo
   [10/19/17 11:25]  placebro:   I hope you have better luck with your request to staff than I have had sanday.  My formal request is still unanswered.
   [10/19/17 11:22]  placebro:   As for "low traffic trackers", I find the opposite.  Much easier, with no technical issues.  Go figure....
   [10/19/17 11:21]  placebro:   I am able to upload images using the "Upload Image" button above, but I have no clue where they are actually uploaded to.
   [10/19/17 09:20]  placebro:   We're dropping like flies!
   [10/19/17 09:17]  sanday:   speaking only for me, I have technical issues upping to a low traffic tracker like this, so I've PMed staff and asked for a change in my membership status, so within a day or two, you'll no longersee me listed as an uploader
   [10/19/17 09:14]  placebro:   I don't have permission.   Why don't those who have permission upload?
   [10/19/17 08:45]  placebro:   Amen to that contact420
   [10/19/17 07:42]  SIRMick:   Why don't you gracefully upload something
   [10/19/17 06:31]  sanday:   Good morning music lovers!
   [10/19/17 06:14]  placebro:   12-31-87 set III DVD
   [10/19/17 05:51]  placebro:   I should have said " Lets focus on getting some music on THIS tracker."   Nothing new for close to a week.  
   [10/19/17 03:22]  Rjb01122:   6/9/1980
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