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   [01/20/18 08:23]  contact420:   it was...won't lie. nice! Alpine was a "local" venue for me
   [01/20/18 07:45]  sanday:   That reads a little trollish, but I'll bite - I'm in for two at Alpine, and hope to have as much fun as I did there for Dead & Co in 2016
   [01/19/18 10:26]  contact420:   no enthusiasm for JMAD? no? anybody? anybody?
   [01/18/18 08:17]  contact420:   Poplar Creek '89 has to happen IMO!!!!
   [01/18/18 08:17]  contact420:   I spent the coin for the release and the poster...
   [01/18/18 07:11]  gflded:   New Garcia Live looks great. 90 is a good JGB year
   [01/17/18 09:19]  contact420:   Hey all
   [01/17/18 07:20]  gflded:    Hi Les
   [01/16/18 17:11]  LesinSD:   Hi Ed!!
   [01/16/18 13:29]  gflded:   Hi Les! Been missin' the surf reports.
   [01/16/18 09:26]  contact420:   any thoughts on the new GarciaLive release? HI.
   [01/16/18 06:36]  LesinSD:   72 and a High Surf Advisory: 9ft today, 13ft tomorrow
   [01/15/18 09:56]  contact420:   looks like the Boulder Theatre is the place to be this evening!
   [01/13/18 05:31]  contact420:   yeah woke up this morning to huge flood on bt.etree
   [01/12/18 15:01]  sanday:   If there is a specific show or two, say so in the shout and I'll try and get 'em here
   [01/12/18 14:59]  sanday:   an effort is being made to get all the new CM releases upped to bt.etree - at this point bt.etree abot one month behind but gaining
   [01/12/18 12:04]  Ratdog910:   On The Border
   [01/12/18 10:03]  mydland_years:   :jester:
   [01/12/18 10:03]  mydland_years:   Doesn't get more vegan than that ... :joker:
   [01/12/18 10:02]  mydland_years:   Yum , a nothing burger for lunch ...
   [01/12/18 06:08]  contact420:   can folks up all the new CM releases to get us up to date? pretty please?
   [01/11/18 13:54]  sanday:   how smart do you need to be to clean a stable?
   [01/11/18 08:21]  gflded:    stable genious
   [01/10/18 06:01]  contact420:   I'm like a very stable genius
   [01/09/18 13:22]  gflded:   We don't need no education
   [01/09/18 12:18]  Ratdog910:   The Wall
   [01/08/18 18:51]  mydland_years:   The urine soaked Tenderloin ...
   [01/08/18 07:17]  gflded:   Market and Van Ness
   [01/08/18 04:01]  Ratdog910:   
   [01/07/18 18:51]  Ltapilot:   
   [01/07/18 18:31]  misujry:   https://tinyurl.com/y7xfhl74
   [01/07/18 14:06]  Ratdog910:   MAGA
   [01/07/18 08:48]  elp:   ELP
   [01/07/18 08:47]  elp:   EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER
   [01/07/18 08:46]  elp:   EMERSON LAKE
   [01/04/18 17:46]  mydland_years:   ghost ya say ...
   [01/03/18 03:55]  Makomotory:   norton ghost
   [01/02/18 04:27]  awinell:   HAPPY NEW YEAR!
   [01/01/18 11:45]  micgram:   a happy new year to you and yours
   [12/31/17 13:34]  contact420:   It's a really nice evening of music, usually there were 2 other supporting acts before the main event
   [12/30/17 09:24]  gflded:   Wow. This looks cool. I would consider driving down.
   [12/30/17 06:34]  contact420:   https://preview.tinyurl.com/yao8axzy
   [12/30/17 06:33]  contact420:   the biggest sit-in we had back then was Buddy Guy's sax player... I'm almost tempted to fly out for this
   [12/30/17 06:32]  contact420:   We put on that show @ Martyr's in chicago a couple of times back in '03 and '04
   [12/30/17 06:31]  contact420:   my old drummer John Hanrahan is doing the Love Supreme w/Kimock
   [12/26/17 17:58]  contact420:   Happy holidaze
   [12/26/17 11:00]  ajg2345:   mickey hart
   [12/26/17 05:13]  jaygs:   Merry Christmas to all!  
   [12/25/17 17:11]  synche:   Merry,merry Christmas!!!!!!!
   [12/25/17 06:51]  mydland_years:   
   [12/24/17 08:02]  sanday:   Royal Enfield
   [12/24/17 06:43]  gflded:   Triumph
   [12/23/17 12:39]  jaygs:   Vincent
   [12/23/17 05:21]  micgram:   bsa
   [12/21/17 06:48]  Makomotory:   norton
   [12/21/17 06:36]  micgram:   OK thought so
   [12/21/17 04:46]  contact420:   @mic John Mayer's Almost Dead
   [12/21/17 03:38]  micgram:   like most things it's what the market will bear if they can get it they'll charge it i don't see a problem with that i  just don't go
   [12/21/17 01:22]  micgram:   all big name concerts cost a lot these days i haven`t gone in yrs don`t think i`ve paid over $100 for anyone NYE Furthur shows were under a hundred i think
   [12/21/17 01:20]  micgram:   what`s jmad
   [12/20/17 11:58]  sanday:   but $51 mill, you're talking Ryan Seacrest kinda money
   [12/20/17 11:57]  sanday:   Don't think they'll make the Forbe's top 40 like the GD used to, dunno
   [12/20/17 11:56]  sanday:   wonder what the net would be on this, how much of the production cost the band is covering
   [12/20/17 11:54]  sanday:   Pretty sure Mayer would make more per night leading his own band, on the other hand, Billy would be lucky to cover his beer tab if on his own
   [12/20/17 09:45]  contact420:   ain't that the Fn' truth
   [12/20/17 09:24]  cm:   they're in it for the music...hahaha, no but seriously, tix cost too much, i'll never go again
   [12/20/17 06:52]  mydland_years:   Need that cash to feed that jones ...
   [12/20/17 06:41]  contact420:   Mickey does need $...
   [12/20/17 06:41]  contact420:   JMAD grossed 51 million$ in 2017 !?!? nah, it's not a ca$h grab
   [12/19/17 08:48]  contact420:   thoughts and vibes to the folks' on the train in Pierce Co., WA.
   [12/15/17 18:50]  sanday:   Lossless Legs had a bunch of Tuna/Jorma vines, but they've all be completed and closed, I don't know of any current vines
   [12/15/17 16:24]  jjoyce:   where can i find tuna vine ?
   [12/14/17 06:52]  cm:   Good to know
   [12/13/17 20:32]  moon:   I think they're OK with that kind of trading
   [12/13/17 20:31]  moon:   Tuna/Jorma has been vined.
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