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   [09/24/17 13:35]  placebro:   At a certain point in Fire on The Mountain, for a split second it was so dream-like that I forgot it was still Fire.  Unreal.
   [09/24/17 12:47]  synche:   Sound quality is stellar.  Loving Phil during the transition.
   [09/24/17 12:46]  synche:   I'm listening to the Scarlett of that show right now.  shnid#451
   [09/24/17 07:00]  placebro:   Watched 2-26-90 last night.  17 minute Fire that allows Jerry to go way deep into the ether.  A stunning "must watch" video.
   [09/23/17 16:37]  placebro:   Thanks for sharing the Alaska photos.  
   [09/23/17 16:31]  micgram:   i didn`t notice
   [09/23/17 15:10]  jimmyj:   all good thing in all  good time
   [09/23/17 11:18]  placebro:    "contact420:   this place moves WAY too SLOW nowadays"   You think?  
   [09/21/17 18:54]  placebro:   "bound to cover just a little more ground"
   [09/21/17 15:01]  micgram:   
   [09/21/17 14:39]  CVJoint:   That's great news!
   [09/21/17 11:41]  synche:   Thanks to all current, past, and future donors.
   [09/21/17 11:40]  synche:   Well, we reached our goal of about 150/mth continuing donations.
   [09/20/17 16:17]  micgram:   thanks to the uploaders because without you we have no music to offer just our wonderful selves
   [09/20/17 03:45]  dazed64:   
   [09/16/17 18:47]  synche:   Thanks to everyone who donated.  Every penny is greatly appreciated.
   [09/16/17 18:44]  synche:   We have received a few more donations, but one donor dropped off, so we are still at about 100/mth.  
   [09/15/17 17:37]  synche:   We need to get al least $125 continuing donations to keep WT alive.
   [09/15/17 17:35]  synche:   Although we have enough to get us through another month, we have just hit $100/mth donations.  
   [09/15/17 17:34]  synche:   Oh wow, it's Ed's bd.  Happy Birthday Ed.  Hope uou're having a fine day.
   [09/15/17 16:04]  micgram:    Ed
   [09/15/17 15:37]  clarson:   I also understand that we have users here that feel as though they don't have much of a right to download due to ratios. We don't, nor have we ever, keep track of or count for or against negative or positive ratios. They're an artifact of the site software and I haven't taken the time to remove them.
   [09/15/17 15:33]  clarson:   We had residual money left over from last month which will carry us one more month with the last few donations. Thank you all for stepping up and helping us keep the doors open. Just a little bit from a few people will certainly help us continue to keep the doors open long term. We've eeked out the last couple months and along with our staff, I'm sure all of our user are very thankful.
   [09/15/17 14:56]  synche:   Only 5-6 days left to let us know you care.  WT will close without your help. Thanks
   [09/15/17 14:52]  synche:   We have $97.50/mth. donations.  We're looking for 125/mth, hoping for 150.
   [09/15/17 10:17]  contact420:   this place moves WAY too SLOW nowadays
   [09/14/17 17:31]  micgram:   this place is the real deal no bs in the shout box no crazies no acid causualties well maybe a few just fans of the music that makes our lives so much better
   [09/14/17 17:28]  micgram:   yeah if this place goes where are all of you going to go to ask "is LL down"
   [09/14/17 15:51]  synche:   We are up to $80/mth, w/ $10 more pledged.  Please consider donating.  Thx
   [09/13/17 20:44]  synche:   We're not Dead yet, please keep us Dead
   [09/13/17 20:41]  synche:   We have 70/mth "hard" donations and 10/mth pledged, but not committed.
   [09/13/17 20:04]  synche:   If we don't reach our goal, you will get your money back, but we need to see real interest
   [09/13/17 20:04]  synche:   Make  a one time contribution.
   [09/13/17 20:00]  synche:   Change in plan.  If you can make a monthly contribution to keep WT alive, make it NOW.
   [09/13/17 18:28]  synche:   Please pm me, or clarson before doing so.  Thanks
   [09/13/17 18:27]  synche:   If you want to make a monthly pledge, or just make a one time donation,
   [09/13/17 18:05]  synche:   We have pledges for $75/mnth.  Need another $50/mnt.  
   [09/13/17 07:01]  synche:   Cheers shnfoobar, and a HUUUUGE thanks to Ed, Chris, and everyone else who kept this place alive.
   [09/13/17 05:32]  shnfoobar:   No matter what... Thank you
   [09/13/17 05:31]  shnfoobar:   So here's a toast to everyone involved with this site
   [09/13/17 05:31]  shnfoobar:   just as I'd like to think that we are at least grateful for this site and the refuge we've aLL sought here.
   [09/13/17 05:31]  shnfoobar:   I would like to think that we'd aLL be stepping up quick smartish if we could
   [09/13/17 05:31]  shnfoobar:   I wonder how many of us wish we could really do something positive about this.
   [09/12/17 14:13]  micgram:   i just want to ask folks who haven`t ever stepped up to the plate to step up now if this place goes it`s one less place for us to gather and share the music we love
   [09/12/17 09:29]  LesinSD:   
   [09/12/17 06:35]  synche:   With only a few willing to step up to the plate, barring a miracle, WT will be closing in 9 days.
   [09/11/17 04:10]  dazed64:   
   [09/06/17 11:03]  synche:   We have $60/mth pledged.  We need $125/mth.  Clock is ticking.
   [09/06/17 10:47]  Skywithflame:   synche, Check your pm
   [09/01/17 19:55]  synche:   we're ok, otherwise adios amigos.
   [09/01/17 19:54]  synche:   There is only one kind soul donating 10/mth.  I can donate 40, if others can come up with 75/mth
   [09/01/17 19:35]  synche:   WT needs 90/mth more recurring income to survive.
   [09/01/17 19:31]  synche:   Been a good run.  WT is broke.  
   [08/31/17 21:53]  synche:   Workingman's Tracker NEEDS donations to stay alive.
   [08/29/17 07:40]  walstib68:   ....and staying on the torrent for a bit to help seed to others is always nice, too.
   [08/28/17 14:57]  micgram:   and for those who do grab say thanks it`s easy just hit the thanks tab
   [08/28/17 14:56]  micgram:   no nothing from 85 but thanks for uploading something i see a few grabbed it
   [08/27/17 13:33]  walstib68:   I uploaded 1 for ya.....but I bet you already have it.
   [08/26/17 10:45]  micgram:   2 weeks since someone uploaded a show i would if i knew how and no i don't want to learn i tried that just pointing it out
   [08/21/17 11:22]  teamdrink:   
   [08/21/17 09:34]  dazed64:   
   [08/20/17 17:43]  synche:   getting notifications that one of my hd's is failing, need to backup fast.
   [08/20/17 17:43]  synche:   I pulled the trigger.  I got 2.  I probably could have got better quality, but I'm
   [08/19/17 21:03]  moon:   Seems like a good price, but yer puttin all yer eggs in one basket, I like to use several smaller drives and back up those.
   [08/19/17 19:42]  synche:   8tb WD easystore external $160 @BB.  Is this a good deal?
   [08/19/17 16:45]  synche:   Plants are booming, just starting to flower, 8 feet tall, pics to come
   [08/17/17 07:29]  micgram:   i did see the new new riders a few yrs ago they weren't bad had a good time
   [08/17/17 07:28]  micgram:   in very short doses 30 mins tops then I'm done i can never get through a whole set
   [08/16/17 16:44]  bignoze:   new riders of the purple sage
   [08/13/17 21:40]  Notion12:   Thaks for the Birthday wishes, micgram !!!
   [08/13/17 04:22]  dazed64:   
   [08/12/17 16:37]  micgram:   
   [08/12/17 11:17]  Ltapilot:   Thanks Micgram
   [08/12/17 10:35]  micgram:   i did my best with the alaska post no pictures but the links are there to see them
   [08/12/17 10:33]  micgram:    notion12
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