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   [02/22/17 13:45]  kanes:   Looks like - thanks!
   [02/21/17 17:45]  clarson:   You can look here http://www.gdvault.com/tracker/details.php?id=812f36dec131ba6715447d55757f63c42a8d8e7f
   [02/21/17 17:43]  clarson:   They probably are. I haven't checked for myself
   [02/21/17 17:25]  kanes:   Are the current '77's included in the three part 1977 flood?
   [02/21/17 16:12]  clarson:   Is the time here accurate for you?
   [02/19/17 05:08]  micgram:   spring 77
   [02/16/17 12:15]  heysteve:   
   [02/12/17 02:02]  clarson:   Sweet.  I might have a few requests
   [02/11/17 20:13]  sanday:   I can up that, mine passes checksums, checksums match db.etree
   [02/11/17 16:48]  clarson:   sanday, do you have gd1989-02-10.074843? All but one of my tracks fail
   [02/11/17 14:54]  sanday:   cool, and thanks to those helping out...next up recent betamania 12-29-88
   [02/11/17 14:15]  walstib68:   I'll help on what I can...got most of the recent uploads
   [02/11/17 13:54]  clarson:   Thank you sanday
   [02/11/17 11:43]  sanday:   Those who may already have what I up, feel free to jump in and help seed
   [02/11/17 11:30]  sanday:   My bandwidth sucks, but I'll try and get a few recent GD/JG sources upped here
   [02/09/17 17:00]  clarson:   Getting the lead out before I head out for the weekend. Any other uploaders are more than welcome to upload. The more music the better!
   [02/09/17 02:22]  walstib68:   Didn't even notice. They musta jived perfectly with my intermittent logins.
   [02/08/17 16:47]  clarson:   Sorry about the intermittent outages.
   [02/08/17 11:27]  bearstash:   1966
   [02/08/17 02:45]  Erokwahoo:   ratdog
   [02/08/17 01:23]  waylo:   Clarson! What's the haps? Good to see your name out there.
   [02/07/17 09:43]  gflded:   I was at that show
   [02/07/17 06:27]  shnfoobar:   Yahay, even has a known set list
   [02/07/17 05:26]  walstib68:   http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/weir-and-wasserman/1990/hilton-hotel-ballroom-eugene-or-3bf724ec.html
   [02/07/17 05:26]  walstib68:   setlist.fm has them playing at the Hilton March 4th '90
   [02/06/17 23:36]  shnfoobar:   So Let's hunt for Hilton, Eugene before February 1991
   [02/06/17 23:35]  shnfoobar:   Also "Info Renamed Roseland Theater in 1991."
   [02/06/17 23:35]  shnfoobar:   gives Starry night, Portland Weir gig as 1998-02-01
   [02/06/17 23:34]  shnfoobar:   http://www.setlist.fm/venue/starry-night-portland-or-usa-6bd526ce.html
   [02/06/17 16:40]  clarson:   *same thing with 1998/09/20
   [02/06/17 16:40]  clarson:   Same thing is 9/20/1998
   [02/06/17 16:37]  clarson:   I remember that my friend was recording with a sony walkman, so it's a master cassette. mic info doesn't exist
   [02/06/17 16:36]  clarson:   Just found an audience of Ratdog 9/18/1998. No info other than audience and it's pretty audiency. I'll have to work on this one as it's 3 large shn files so I'll split and re-encode to flac.
   [02/06/17 10:52]  clarson:   that's way.lo. how ya been my man?
   [02/06/17 10:44]  waylo:   Oops, thought this was a search field
   [02/06/17 10:44]  waylo:   ratdog
   [02/06/17 07:25]  mydland_years:   Well that narrows it down to the 11th or 14th , could have swore it was before the Starry Night gig and I only recall one night there too ...
   [02/06/17 07:19]  shnfoobar:   Roseland Theatre, Portland 12th and 13th
   [02/06/17 07:18]  shnfoobar:   No mention of it at http://dylanstubs.com/weir/weirhere.htm#1991 either.
   [02/06/17 07:12]  mydland_years:   Not exact , but maybe the 10th , but likely the 11th or 12th , too many fatties back then and my ticket stub collection has been MIA since '92 ...
   [02/06/17 06:51]  clarson:   do you know the exact date of it?
   [02/06/17 06:48]  mydland_years:   Should have typed "GD related show I attended but don't have a recording of"
   [02/06/17 06:46]  mydland_years:   Shame they are just going to let that stuff collect dust ...
   [02/06/17 06:44]  mydland_years:   That's the only show GD related that I don't have a recording of ...
   [02/06/17 06:40]  clarson:   I know quite a few tapers here (i'm in Portland, Oregon area) and it's funny cuz they either don't want to share their stuff or it's too much of a pain in the ass to find that stuff. I know they have lots of that stuff from the 80s-90s
   [02/06/17 06:37]  mydland_years:   Here's a real Oregon dig , Weir & Wasserman at the Hilton Ballroom in Eugene , November '91 a day or two before the Starry Night gig in P-Town , remember a few mike stands there but still no recording or a mention in the db ...
   [02/06/17 05:56]  clarson:   day late and a dollar short i'm sure but i grabbed it from the archive, made a txt (as opposed to the rtf..wtf) and uploaded it. i also changed how many characters could be entered here in the shoutbox. it was way too little and it was driving me nuts
   [02/06/17 05:36]  clarson:   looking for something specific.
   [02/06/17 05:36]  clarson:   on the left menu side there is a search box. i just type in the full date there if i'm
   [02/06/17 05:35]  clarson:   yeah it's not very user friendly is it?
   [02/06/17 05:28]  walstib68:   I searched LMA briefly but the new interface is a PITA.  
   [02/06/17 05:17]  walstib68:   Man, I love you guys!! Thank Ya Kindly! Someone should add that to the DB.
   [02/06/17 05:12]  clarson:   
   [02/06/17 05:07]  shnfoobar:   https://archive.org/details/ratdog1998-04-05.nak100cp4
   [02/06/17 04:29]  walstib68:   Thank Ya....."come across so far" sounds optimistic to me. Lol
   [02/05/17 14:16]  clarson:   Closest I have come across so far is 4/1/98. Sorry and good luck!
   [02/05/17 13:52]  walstib68:   Hopefully clarson will find it in his .shn filesets 8-D
   [02/05/17 13:51]  walstib68:   I bet someome has it somewhere...saw a few mic stands in the crowd.
   [02/05/17 13:50]  walstib68:   Anyone have 04/05/1998 Ratdog at Elec.Factory in Philly? No source at db.etree
   [02/05/17 13:50]  walstib68:   Nice Ratdog & Weir flood!! GrAtely appreciated!
   [02/05/17 07:10]  micgram:   
   [02/05/17 03:03]  clarson:   good morning micgram
   [02/05/17 02:09]  micgram:   good morning
   [01/29/17 06:19]  mydland_years:                           
   [01/28/17 14:36]  clarson:   aren't in the db.
   [01/28/17 14:35]  clarson:   You'll probably be seeing a lot of shn's coming from me. I'm going through lots of old stuff that
   [01/28/17 09:25]  ikofun:   And the best part is I remembered how to do it
   [01/28/17 09:24]  ikofun:   I had to process shn files today to listen to something today
   [01/17/17 07:55]  spirallightofvenus:   couple invites on Apollo to share.  if interested please PM me your email
   [01/02/17 12:53]  synche:   Cheers to Grate New Year's DaY!
   [01/02/17 06:20]  mydland_years:   
   [01/02/17 04:53]  shnfoobar:   Happy New Year to all
   [01/02/17 04:45]  schopi:   Worked like a charm. Thank You!
   [01/02/17 04:09]  shnfoobar:   Once in, do a bookmark - down for an unknown time....
   [01/02/17 04:08]  shnfoobar:    http://www.shnflac.net/torrents.php
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Posted by: gflded
Posted on: 10/12/2009 04:56
Title: GD Vault/Workingman's Tracker Mission

GDVault and Workingman's Tracker is a forum and torrent site dedicated to trading and discussing the music we love from the band that is truly beyond description, The Grateful Dead.  

Because we are Dead-centric, we will never become one of the mega-torrent sites that abound on the internet, and we like it that way. This is part of a close knit group of folks who love the music, trade freely and share knowledge and experiences in the discussion forums.

Our membership is open to everyone interested in Grateful Dead music and lore. There are no ratio requirements at this site so feel free to download and share as you wish. Newcomers to this hobby as well as seasoned traders are welcome. We will do our best to answer any questions about the site, the band, the music, archiving, hardware or software.

GDVault/Workingman's Tracker is dedicated to the sharing of high quality, lossless, trade-friendly music. The scope of music traded and discussed also includes individual band members' projects.

New Member Signup:

Welcome to gdvault/Workingman's Tracker!

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The rules are simple:

Be Kind

Please help the seeders. Stay seeding on new torrents until there are a few seeders, at least, no matter your upload/download speeds. Downloading and bailing is not good tracker etiquette anywhere.

Open your ports. If you don't know what this means, see the "Nat: Are You Firewalled" topic in the forums.
Enjoy the tunes!

Legal Stuff:

We attempt to keep all torrents legal. Although none of the music appearing on this website is actually hosted here, if you are an artist or a representative of one, and you believe any of the torrents here may lead to illegally shared files, please E-mail gflded at gdvault dot com or gdvault at gdvault dot com.

Site owners, administrators and staff members take no responsibility for any misuse of GDVault or Workingman's Tracker.

Grateful Dead Trading Policy

The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members. That a new medium of distribution has arisen - digital audio files being traded over the Internet - does not change our policy in this regard.

Our stipulations regarding digital distribution are merely extensions of those long-standing principles and they are as follows:  No commercial gain may be sought by websites offering digital files of our music, whether through advertising, exploiting databases compiled from their traffic, or any other means. All participants in such digital exchange acknowledge and respect the copyrights of the performers, writers and publishers of the music. This notice should be clearly posted on all sites engaged in this activity. We reserve the ability to withdraw our sanction of non-commercial digital music should circumstances arise that compromise our ability to protect and steward the integrity of our work.

Posted by: gflded
Posted on: 06/03/2009 23:46
Title: Grateful Dead

All previous WT project source lists and topics can be found in the "Ye Old Projects" forum

Steve's Listening guides for project years are here:

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